About Prana Medical Center

Originally called Regent Medical Center as founded by Dr. P. Tomy back in the 70s, Prana Medical Centre has always been an integral part of Transcona community serving generations for more than 40 years. Prana is a family medical center with a walk-in service as well. Prana Pharmacy is also present on-site. Under the new management, the clinic has been recently renovated. We also extended our walk-in working hours during weekdays. Our staff are eager to help in every possible way. Our appointment rooms and waiting area are clean and bright. We look forward to being your home clinic for all your health and medical needs.
208 Regent Ave W

Winnipeg, Manitoba R2C 1R2

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any physicians accepting new patients?

Stay Tuned

Who is your regular working Walk-in Doctor?

Dr. A Malekalkalami is our regular walk-in doctor.

Can I make an appointment for the walk-in clinic?

Generally no, our walk-in patients are seen on a first-come first-served basis. At capacity, we may cease booking patients ahead of posted hours. However, regular patients may book an appointment with their family doctor.
Patients who are asked by physicians to return to the clinic may be seen on an expedited basis depending on the circumstances.

What kind of services do they do in the walk-in?

Insured services

  •  General medical consultations
  •  Annual physical examination
  •  Flu & Seasonal vaccination
  •  Annual immunization for children and adult according to MH immunization chart
  •  Preoperative evaluation & Postoperative follow-up
  •  Third party request forms (e.g. WCB, MPI….etc)
  •  Ear wash
  •  Minor procedures (e.g. Wound stitches, Mole excision, Wart treatment, Toenail removal….etc)
  •  Pap testing (Vaginal cytology)
  •  Rapid strep throat testing
  •  UTI Urine testing
  •  Pregnancy testing
  •  Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) screening & treatment
  •  IUD insertion/removal

Uninsured services

  •  Non residents general consultation
  •  Non residents patients physicals
  •  Pre-employment medicals including Tuberculin Testing (Mantoux Test)
  •  Injectable medications administration
  •  Travel health counselling & immunization (e.g. Twinrix, Typhim, Dukoral…etc)
  •  Preoperative evaluation (e.g. Dental, Cataract…..etc)
  •  Third party request forms (e.g. MPI, Insurance company….etc)
  •  Medical certificates, sick notes, maternity leave forms, Disabled parking permit.
  •  Forms (e.g. Short Term Disability, Disability Tax credit…etc)
  •  Chart transfers or chart copies

What is an uninsured service? How is it paid?

An uninsured service is a service provided by the physician that is not covered under Manitoba Health. Uninsured services must be paid at the time of the service is rendered. Forms completed by the physician will not be sent to the requesting company or released to the patient until the service has been paid for.
These include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical certificates, sick notes, maternity leave forms, Disabled parking permit forms, Disability Tax credit forms, etc. (not covered by MH)
  • Travel health counselling & immunization (not covered by MH)
  • Non-residents patients physicals & general consultation (not covered by MH)
  • Aviation medicals, Immigration medicals, Pre-employment medicals, Drivers medicals
  • Third party request forms (e.g. Insurance forms)
  • Chart transfers or chart copies

When should I have my files transferred to your Clinic?

Please attend your first appointment before arranging having any documents transferred to us and we would like you to sign the relevant consent to have your file moved.

Is there any charge for regular missed appointments for your Family doctors?

Please give at least 24 hours’ notice to cancel an appointment. A missed appointment results in another patient not seen by a doctor & not receiving their deserved care. Prana reserves the right to reschedule your appointment and charge a missed appointment fee according to MMA fee guide.

Can I get my test results told to me over the phone?

Results for tests will not be provided by the staff over the phone to ensure privacy and compliance with the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA). We advise all patients to return to the clinic to obtain test results one week after the test has been done. If you have been asked to return to the clinic concerning urgent results, you may be expedited to see a physician when possible and appropriate.

Can I see a physician if I live in another province or visiting Manitoba?

According to Manitoba Health, all provinces are covered except for Quebec. Your provincial health care card and photo identification will usually provide coverage for most of the standard medical services offered at Prana. This health care number will need to be validated at the time you are registered to see the physician. There are some provinces in which we are unable to verify the health care number at the time of your visit. If we are unable to verify your provincial health care number, you will be required to pay for the services provided at the time you are registered. You will be issued a receipt and then apply for reimbursement through your provincial plan.

How do I know my medical information will be kept private and confidential?

Our physicians and staff collect and record information according to the guidelines of the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA). Your information is kept secure and disclosed only with your written consent unless it is for continuity of care and treatment or in particular situations according to the guidelines of the PHIA.

If I am concerned about my illness or how I am feeling, is there a physician I can speak to after the clinic is closed?

If you require immediate medical attention, please call 911 or visit your nearest Emergency Department. Prana Medical center does not provide emergency care or after hours service

How long will a Walk-in patient have to wait to see a physician?

Prana Medical Center physicians see Walk-in patients in the order in which they arrive and register with the receptionist.
Patients who are asked by physicians to return to the clinic may be seen on an expedited basis depending on the circumstances. This will be done where appropriate and possible.

Do I need to bring anything with me to the clinic when I see my physician?

Please remember to bring your Manitoba Health Card and Photo Identification with you to the clinic. Manitoba Health Care coverage is provided to valid card holders at no cost. You must be registered with the Manitoba Health Care Insurance Plan in order to receive publicly funded health care coverage.
If you are on medications, you may bring your list of medications with you.

Prana medical centre Practice Opportunities for Physicians

  • A full time or part time Walk-in Family physician.
  • A Specialist.

Prana medical centre often seeks additions to our group of skilled competent Walk-in and family practice physicians. Prana is listed with CancerCare Manitoba for pap testing & is part of MyHealth Team for River East/Transcona area. This is an opportunity to join an inter-professional health and social services team that includes physicians, primary care nurses and allied health professionals.
As a physician at Prana, Our efficient administration handles billing, staff supervision and management functions allowing you to do what you do best taking care of patients.
This position is yours if you would value teamwork, excellent work atmosphere while expanding our service for pleasant surrounding community.
** You are welcomed for pre-arranged visits on Saturdays & Sundays ( 1 pm – 5 pm )
These positions are available immediately. If interested, please contact Robert at (204) 222-6771, or email to [email protected]

Prana Pharmacy

Prana Pharmacy is your neighborhood pharmacy in the heart of Downtown Transcona with professional pharmacists and staff to assist you with your prescription and non-prescription needs. Our main goal is to provide exceptional services through cost-effective and quality products. We care about forming a high-touch relationship with our customers. Our services may include addressing Pain and Diabetic health conditions.


  • Payment methods

We accept Visa, Mastercard, cash or cheque 

Prana Pharmacy

Refill Prescription Form


    Being your health advocate is backed by Our dedication to service. At Prana Pharmacy, we have created a practice that we believe in and choose for our own family members. We also value your time and effort when you shop with us. These are some of many advantages of having your medications filled at Prana Pharmacy.

    Personalized Customer Service

    Our pharmacists are always available to help you by Phone, email & in Person. We accept most drug plans. Talk to our pharmacist for more details.

    On Time

    We appreciate your time. For your convenience, your doctor may fax us your prescription & we offer FREE city-wide delivery around Winnipeg if you are too busy to make it to the pharmacy. Talk to our staff for more details.

    ETA (Easy To Administer) Program

    That is how we offer the right drug in the right dose, taken at the right time.

    ETA (Easy to Administer) Program advantages:

    •  Easy to use
    •  Promote independent living (especially for visually impaired patients)
    •  Avoids overdosing/under-dosing (for people who forget if they have taken their medications)
    •  Enhance patient well-being

    We offer unique varieties of Dossette systems & blister packaging. Medications are reviewed with our pharmacist prior to determining when they will be packaged ensuring optimal absorption and reducing drug interactions. Talk to our pharmacist for more details.

    Diabetes Education Program

    We offer extensive Diabetes learning sessions through our Certified Diabetic Educator about blood sugar monitoring, meal planning, insulin starting, and exercise options. Talk to our pharmacist for more details.

    Sharps and Medication Disposal Program

    Check your medicine cabinet for unused and expired medications and bring them in to your local pharmacy for environmentally-responsible FREE disposal. We dispose of sharps (needles) as well. Some restrictions may apply. Talk to our staff for more details.

    One-on-One MedsCheck counselling sessions

    Our pharmacist will take the time to check for, and advise you on, possible drug/supplement interactions and side effects that might affect your well-being.

    Tailor-made Compounds

    Long before manufacturing of drugs, nearly all prescriptions were compounded. However, with the start of mass drug manufacturing in the 1950s, medications compounding rapidly declined. The pharmacist’s role as a preparer of medications quickly changed to that of a dispenser of manufactured dosage forms, and most pharmacists were no longer trained to compound medications.
    We are proud that we still have the talent, training & experience of preparing compounds especially in the field of chronic pain management. Talk to our pharmacist for more details.