During time of COVID, Prana clinic is committed to being a part of your health team whenever you need care. There are multiple ways to access our services.

In Person
Please cover your mouth and nose with a mask or a scarf.
The process will be similar to how we have traditionally run our walk-in however we will have to maintain physical distance. Our staff continue to take significant measures to ensure the exam room is properly disinfected before and after every patient. As always, it is preferable to call ahead for an appointment.

Over the Phone
Please call us at 204-222-6771 & a staff member will collect your information. This alternative solution will be similar to your regular clinic visit except there won’t be an option to perform a physical exam.
You may call Prana clinic and book your doctor’s appointment, which will be a phone call back/video conference call for your prescriptions refill, blood work results and any needed follow up test …etc.

** Please note: We are unable to test or treat COVID-19. **

Our beloved Prana pharmacy patients,
We want to reassure you our commitment as Front-line healthcare workers
– Prana stocks enough common medications to cover your needs for few months.
– Prana maximizes FREE City-wide delivery service throughout the day. That includes prescription pickup, filling medications then delivering in timely manner.
– Prana pharmacists are available during regular working hours for Drug/Disease consultation.
– Prana pharmacy is available to serve anyone who has difficulty getting their medications elsewhere.
Simply you are in good hand as we are all here FOR YOU.